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Pilar Shoots Moróro Aangepast Lr 3 Kopie


Outdoor planter

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Garden planter

Ilda is an outdoor planter. The design resulted from the Tupa-fire table with the same distinctive base and recognisable curves. Ilda is characterised by its low height and its width, making it a unique asset for all those who like to combine their love of design and the outdoors.

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Terrace planter

Ilda comes in two sizes and is made of seamless, powder-coated black aluminium. This makes this outdoor object not only an aesthetic and production highlight, but also a lightweight that is equally suitable for use on flat patios and roof terraces. The light weight also brings immediate advantages when moving the planter or rearranging your outdoor space. The aluminium manufacture ensures this garden object to remain rust-free all year round.

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Belgian outdoor design

Several drainage holes in the base plate allow excess water to be drained. The robust base raises the planter quite a bit above the ground, thus keeping plants and flowers less prone to frost during the colder seasons. Ilda is made in Belgium and comes in one piece.

Match with Tupa

Design in cooperation with Hendrik Tack
(Registered design)

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  • Label doorsnede
    90 cm | 110 cm
  • Label hoogte
    27 cm | 31 cm
  • Label materiaal