Phaar Web Zonder Lasnaden
Phaar Web Zonder Lasnaden


Portable lantern and floor spotlight

Mororo Phaar X Damon De Backer 2020 8Web

Multifunctional lighting object

True to moróro's multifunctional character, Phaar is a portable lantern and floor spotlight in one. Since a flashlight is very handy for active outdoor people, but never really excels in terms of aesthetics, we went looking for of a stylish alternative. In terms of design, Phaar was inspired by the old railway lamp: a vintage classic that deserved an update. Its design was refined and optimised. The flashlight has a spherical lens covering the LED light, which creates a beautiful, circular beam of light reminiscent of the full moon. Moreover, Phaar radiates easily up to thirteen hours and twenty metres far.

Design garden lantern
The curve in the handle is a wink to the other characteristic curves in our collection. If you pull the lever down, you immediately obtain a firm pedestal on which the garden lamp can rest to illuminate a garden element. Or hang Phaar on a branch, as an extra source of light while you and your friends enjoy the cosiness and warmth from our Rocco fire bowl. Would you like to dim the light in an atmospheric way? That is possible via the touch function at the back of the lamp.

Decorative eyecatcher
Phaar is an extremely functional flashlight, but it also stands on its own as a design object. It is the ideal companion for gathering wood, camping or during an evening stroll, but it also works well as a decorative eye-catcher in your interior. This portable design lantern is made of black powder coated and anodised aluminium and has a rechargeable battery that can be recharged with the supplied charger.

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