mororo 20200827 Sr 3553
mororo 20200827 Sr 3553


Mobile outdoor lamp

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Saul is a mobile outdoor lamp. Equipped with a durable battery, you can easily take this mini garden lamp with you in your garden: from your outdoor table on the terrace to your favourite spot, hidden far away in the greenery. Saul is 15 cm high and easy to carry but still has enough weight to ensure stability in all weather conditions. The LED light brings bright ambient light wherever needed and typically moróro, Saul was also manufactured with unique details conveying the design a playful touch. The base of this black, matt anodized table lamp surprises with a subtly ribbed structure and a lampshade that can be turned in three different light directions.   

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Mororo 004 Web


  • Label materiaal
    black matt anodised
  • Label hoogte
    15 cm
  • Label Breedte
    14,9 cm